About Shelby Humane Society

The Shelby Humane Society is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization founded in 1977 with the mission of rescuing and rehoming the neglected and homeless pets of Shelby County. Since our founding, our facilities, services, and reach have grown significantly. We provide care to over 5,000 dogs and cats each year. We house 200-350 adoptable cats and dogs at any given time.

Not all of our pets are housed at our shelter, though. We have developed an extensive network of foster homes to care for adoptable dogs and cats that need more attention to thrive. These can include pets recovering from medical procedures or treatment, pregnant and nursing mothers and their puppies or kittens, or simply adoptable pets that are very stressed and timid in a shelter environment.

One of the most important service expansions we have started since our founding has been our low cost spay and neuter program (Quick Fix). Through this program, we work with local veterinarians to provide deeply discounted spay and neuter programs. We provide spay and neuter services to more than 1,200 pets per year.

We are continually striving to grow the services we provide and rescue as many adoptable pets as possible. It is only through the generosity of the Shelby County community that we are able to save the lives of so many adoptable cats and dogs.

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On A Mission

Our mission is to care for homeless, abused, neglected and abandoned animals and to educate the community to instill an increase awareness and commitment to the responsibility of animal ownership and protection.

Giving Life a Chance

We work diligently to find loving homes for our pets throughout Shelby County. Learn more about adoptions here. However, by partnering with other shelters across the country, we can ensure that even more of our adoptable pets find their forever homes. Our Shelter Partners Program allows local volunteers to drive our adoptable pets to shelters around the country that have space and eager adopters. This combination of resources allows us to rescue and rehome as many dogs and cats as possible. Our live release data for the previous year can be found here: Live Release 2016

Shelter Partners

Shelby Humane Society’s Shelter Partners Program is a volunteer driven (literally) transport program providing second chances for thousands of dogs. The volunteers that aid in this Program devote a great deal of time driving our rescued dogs to shelters around the country that have adopters waiting to offer a loving home to these loving pets. Learn more about transport here.

Guardian Angels

Many of our adoptable pets come to us as strays or from neglectful environments. Because of this, many of them need some sort of medical attention before they can be adopted out. Through our guardian angel fund, we are able to provide necessary medical treatment for pets in our care ranging from heartworm treatment to major surgical procedures. This fund is supplied through the donations of kind people both inside and outside of Shelby County. Learn how to donate here.


Our staff are committed to the health and well-being of the pets in our care and we work hard to prepare each one for successful adoption in a loving forever home. Shelby Humane Society has dedicated staff that are intent on carrying our mission.  Learn more about our staff here.

Sources of Funding

Shelby Humane Society is 501c3 non-profit organization dependent on contributions from the public and private sector. No funding is received from United Way.  We receive funds to cover the direct costs associated with providing animal control services to the citizens of Shelby County and the City of Hoover.
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